Can I get Continuing Education credits for attending the Eagala Conference?

The conference qualifies for the full 20 hours needed for Eagala Certification renewal.

Mental health boards = qualifies for up to 15 hours

Click Here to view board approvals.

Note: Due to requirements of some mental health boards, only specified workshops apply for those board approvals. They are noted in the agenda as the following:

APA (approved for American Psychological Association)
NCC (approved for National Board for Certified Counselors)

What is there to do in or around Denver?

There are lots of fun activities in the Denver area you can take advantage of while you’re here.

We recommend looking at the official city of Denver website which has information about everything from museums, arts, and culture to shopping, hiking, skiing and dining.

The conference venue is in Aurora. The visitors center is providing coupons to local western stores and breweries!

What should I pack to wear?

We recommend dressing in comfortable layers for all days of the convention. The arena is indoors and heated, although it can still be chilly.

What is the Horses Help App?

Horses Help is the new social media app that makes it easy to earn rewards while spreading the word about the Eagala Model. Just download (IOS or Android) the Horses Help app and choose the actions you want to complete. Each time you participate, Horses Help links your action to those of hundreds of Eagala Model practitioners, strengthening Eagala’s efforts to reach more audiences on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.

Join the momentum, and make it possible for more people to experience the Eagala Model!

How do I connect to the WiFi while at the conference?

Password for the conference Crown Plaza internet: "EAGALA"

Password for the Arena day: "eagala"

Additional instructions found here.

What is the food going to be like at the conference?

You can find our full menu here, and info on special dietary restrictions here

Where do I catch the bus on Thursday to the National Western Complex Arena?

The buses will leave from the Crowne Plaza Main entrance at 8:00 am sharp.  The buses will leave the arena at 3:15 pm returning to the Crowne Plaza Hotel.  Please arrive early to allow time to load the buses.

Attendee Networking

Network with fellow attendees in the Facebook event group!

Who do I contact for further inquiries?

We are happy to answer any additional questions you have here.


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